Two lands farm

Hi! My name is Lina and growing strawberry myrtle is my passion. I started Two Lands Farm in 2015 to bring this charming little berry to a North American market! Hailing from my father's hometown in Valdivia, Chile, the taste of Strawberry Myrtle, or Murta as it is known in Chile, is inextricably part of my family history. Each year the wild Murta shrubs collected and tended by my Abuelita produce a bounty of little red berries that is made into jam, and becomes a welcome fixture at every afternoon "once", or teatime table. Whether used fresh or processed into jams or liquors, I hope to share the virtues of this exotic fruit with North Americans. Our first strawberry myrtle harvest is expected in the autumn of 2018, and in the meantime we will be conducting trials with smoked peppers and a handful of other specialty crops. I hope to add Mosqueta (Rosehip) Marmalade and smoked pepper spice mixes in the near future. Consider following our blog to learn more about what is happening on the farm. Also, please join our mailing list for availability alerts and the occasional progress update! 

About me

For the past ten years I have collected a diverse range of agricultural skills and experiences. I began by earning a bachelor’s degree in Plant Science from CSU Fresno where I gained practical, hands-on farm experience both on and off campus through farm internships. During college I had the pleasure of working for a landscape designer; learning how to create landscape plans and how to develop cohesive planing designs. While working as a project manager for The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust in the Central Valley, I was honored to realize conservation projects on public and private landholdings. This opportunity gave me first-hand knowledge of grant writing, personnel management, project promotion, and budget tracking. It is in this position where I spent a whole lot of time on the old Massey Ferguson tractor and learning how to work within the native ecosystem. After working seasonally on both commercial and non-profit farms periodically throughout the past ten years, I became interested in trying my hand at directing my own farm. Through the Center for Land-Based Learning’s California Farm Academy I learned vital skills specifically for agriculture entrepreneurship. In the autumn of 2015, Two Lands Farm emerged from this confluence of education and experience.